Pain Management Key West, Florida

Pain management is a very real need. However, the drugs used to treat pain are some of the most dangerous and addictive prescription pills out there. Many people don’t look at pain pills as a drug because they are prescribed by a doctor. However, the body becomes tolerant of opiates very quickly meaning that increasingly higher doses are required to treat pain.

As you continue treatment with opiates, you may find at you cannot stop taking them. The opiates are not only controlling your pain, they begin to control and drastically alter your life. Opiates are legal when prescribed by your doctor and they do serve a legitimate purpose in pain control. As a result, it sometimes takes longer to realize that you have developed an addiction to opiates. If you think you might be addicted to a pain medication, call our Key West location for help at (305) 515-5318.

Physical dependency on opiates used initially for pain management can be difficult to overcome because even though you are addicted to the opiates, pain management can remain an issue in many injuries and must be addressed during treatment. A medical detoxification program is required to prevent physical damage during withdrawal. At our center, qualified medical personnel will help you manage any pain that still exists from the initial injury. Patients will also receive help from experienced therapists to deal with the emotional aspects of pain and addiction.

When pain management is still required for an injury, our team first treats you addiction. We then use a variety of holistic therapies to help manage any remaining pain. In many cases, however, the pain for which opiates were prescribed has dwindled and left a physical dependency on opiates in its wake. Teaching patients with opiate dependency issues to control pain through non-narcotic methods is one of our specialties.

Our pain treatment plan includes a combination of therapies encompassing:

  • Acupuncture
  • Pain psychotherapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition

Anyone who has been prescribed pain killers can become dependent upon them because they serve a legitimate medical purpose when they are initially given by a physician. Many patients continue taking medications they are prescribed because they fear the return of pain if they discontinue their prescriptions. For this reason we assist our patients in finding narcotic-free pain. Controlling the pain will help you control the dependency, so that you can restore your life to its former state. As you progress through the program, you will learn about self-esteem, self-respect and responsibility. Making these principles a part of your treatment program will help you be successful as you fight addiction.

Get started today! In the Key West, FL area call The Treatment Center at (305) 515-5318 for help.


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